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5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Termite Treatment

5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Termite Treatment.

Dismissing this information could cost you $1000′s.

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It’s a scary proposition to come home from work with the floor covered in 1000’s of black, winged termites. The prospect of termites and their damage can cause people to over react and quickly sign up for a termite treatment. As with any rushed decision, you might end up regretting your choice of termite exterminator. Making a hasty decision can lead to a higher overall cost and/or choosing a poorly rated extermination company.

With that in mind, here are five tips to ensure you get a quality job and a fair rate.

1. Flying termites do not damage the home directly.

A flying termite’s sole job is to create a new colony. While new colonies are bad, these reproductive termites pose no direct harm because they cannot consume wood. Flying termites are important because they indicate that worker termites are near or inside the home.

2. Don’t allow scare tactics to rush you into a termite treatment.

Waiting a few days or even a week is not going to hurt your home significantly. For example: Let’s assume that a termite colony has been nearby for 1 year. (This would be the best case as mature colonies are approx. 3-5 years old.)  Waiting 7 days would only equal 1.9% more time over a year (7 days/365 days). If you haven’t had significant damage over the 98% of the year, is it likely that 2% more is going to be that much worse? If your termite exterminator wants to rush the termite treatment to ‘stop the damage NOW!’ then you should politely excuse yourself and run.

3. Good termite treatments work slowly…on purpose.

Advanced termite treatment chemicals act similar to viruses. They infect the colony by transferring from termite to termite. It can take up to 12 weeks to kill the whole colony. If it worked any faster, the entire colony wouldn’t be infected and the treatment would be less effective.

4. Read our article on termite treatment costs.

Our article goes into detail on termite pricing information. It will give you the price range you should expect for a quality termite treatment. As with anything else you can pay too much or too little, neither is a good option.

5. Call HomePro for a free, no pressure opinion.

Okay we might be a little biased, but after 1000’s of termite treatments we know we are the best choice for your termite control needs. Our termite inspectors will:

  • Not employ sales gimmicks or pressure.
  • Give you the facts; such locations of termite activity or moisture conditions that need to be corrected.
  • Explain the best treatment type for your home.
  • Present you with our no haggle, flat rate pricing.
  • Pet your dog; Not exactly a crucial part of the termite inspection but the dogs seem to like it.

If you agree that we are the best choice, our ServicePro’s will:

  • Show up on time for the date of your appointment.
  • Attack your termite problem efficiently.
  • Respect your property by keeping the area clean and orderly.
  • Answer all of your questions.
  • Possibly pet the dog. (Again not really an important part in controlling termites)

Remember, rushing into a termite treatment is rarely a great decision. Waiting a week or 10 days is sufficient to collecting all the needed information while preserving your home. Please understand that waiting months or years is not recommended as the cost to repair termite damage will far exceed the cost of controlling them.

If you need clarification on any of this information, please call our office at 757-484-3471, contact us online, or leave a comment below.

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