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What are these yellow stains or streaks on my house?

What are these yellow streaks or stains on my house?

When spring begins we naturally gravitate outside. Setting out to beautify your home, you may plant flowers, paint the railing, or grab the pressure washer to remove those green streaks. If you wash the house, it’s reasonable to expect that you won’t have to do it again for 6 months or so. Yet here you are, a week later, with yellow stains the look like drips on the siding. If they appear to start from behind the trim board, then it’s a good bet that you have carpenter bees.

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Female carpenter bees drill small holes that appear perfectly round. They will spend all day creating this opening, as part of the spring time mating ritual. She is creating  a chamber to protect her eggs. There’s just no time for a busy bee for bathroom breaks, so the waste ends up on the side of your home. Isn’t that lovely?

So what do you do?

Well a little knowledge of carpenter bee behavior will help before we start treating.

The male carpenter bee hovers around the holes, hoping to fertilize eggs. The males can seem aggressive because they try to chase off anything that comes into their territory.

Luckily, the male carpenter bee doesn’t have a stinger, so he’s mostly a nuisance.

The female on the other hand, has a stinger but must be provoked to use it. So treating the holes can be somewhat dangerous, especially when combined with climbing a ladder.

If left alone the eggs will hatch and new bees will emerge in the fall, only to return the following spring to the same places. Ugh!

And if that wasn’t enough, woodpeckers love carpenter bee larva, so you could wake up to the continuous rata tat tat  of Woody Woodpecker one morning.

So to recap, we have a bee that:

  • Destroys wood
  • Might sting
  • Stains the house with bee poop
  • Will return every year
  • Attracts other wood destroying pests


There is only one way to effectively deal with carpenter bees, treat each individual bee hole. At HomePro Pest Control, we use an insecticidal dust. These dusts kill the current female and stop her from drilling new holes. They will last until the fall and kill the emerging bees so they can’t come back in the spring. In 1-2 weeks you should plug the bee holes. This will keep the dust in place and fresh for the fall.

The male bees will leave in a week or so after the treatment. They are not usually killed off but rather leave looking to fertilize other eggs.

We can’t stress safety enough, climbing a ladder and dealing with bees requires a cool head. You can’t react to the bees buzzing around your head, because you could fall. If you’d like professional assistance call 757-484-3471. Our ServicePro’s can make short work of your carpenter bee problem. Afterward, you can clean the bee mess up one last time.


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