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Bugs in Ray Bans?

lady bug wearing ray bans. Pest Control Chesapeake and Virginia Beach

    Chesapeake Real Estate Agent

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Best Exterminator On Earth

best exterminator on earth lady bug

Who is the Best Exterminator on Earth? Recently Steve Jackson of Titus Pest Control in Warner Robbins, GA, challenged fellow exterminators to a contest to find out who was the Best Exterminator on Earth. Since it wasn’t practical to have an actual competition (the earth is rather […]

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World’s Coolest Exterminator: Contestant Entries

The World’s Coolest Exterminator Contest The Definitive Listing of All Known Entries In the World’s Coolest Exterminator Contest. The World’s Coolest Exterminator Contest has been a fun, humorous experience. I can’t speak for the other contestants but I have learned a lot about search engine optimization. It’s […]

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Brace Yourselves, The Termites are Coming!

termite control and extermination chesapeake Va, termite control and extermination virginia beach VA, Termite control and extermination Norfolk va, Termite control and extermination suffolk VA

Termite Control and Extermination: Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, VA. Call 757-484-3471 for a FREE Termite Inspection! If you’d like more information use this form.

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Top 5 Exterminator Roles in TV and Movies – World’s Coolest Exterminator

world's coolest exterminator

Top 5 Coolest Exterminator Roles in TV and Movies. Exterminator’s don’t always get the limelight, but here are five examples where they have shined. By: World’s Coolest Exterminator 5. Billy Bretherton in Billy The Exterminator If you go by looks alone Billy may be the world’s coolest exterminator. He […]

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World’s Coolest Exterminator Challenge: 1 Month Update

world's coolest exterminator, coolest exterminator in the world

World’s Coolest Exterminator Challenge: 1 Month Update Plus a word from the world’s coolest puppet! Since it’s inception, the world’s coolest exterminator contest has garnered attention from tens of applicants. While it is a foregone conclusion that Mickey Ferrell, Jr will win the world’s coolest exterminator contest, that […]

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World’s Coolest Exterminator – Mickey Ferrell? Probably.

Who is the world’s coolest exterminator? By: Mickey Ferrell Jr The world is large and home to all of the coolest exterminators that I know. Exterminators are cool by nature. Who else would brave the darkness of your attic, on a cool winter’s eve, to track down […]

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It’s time for a funny.

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Congratulations to the HomePro Pest Control softball team on their impressive showing this weekend. They finished in 3rd place in the Gold bracket of play.  

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