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Top 5 Areas That Rats Can Enter Your Home


Top 5 Places That Mice and Rats Enter Your Home. Mice and rats are notorious for finding unique ways to enter a home. They can exploit openings as small at a pencil to live with us rent free. However not all entry points are the same; some […]

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Ticks: Prevention and Safety Tips for Ticks, a Dangerous Pest.

Ticks: Prevention and Safety Tips for This Dangerous Pest What can be done to prevent ticks in your yard? Ticks are a scary pest issue. They are small, making them hard to see. They prefer to bite us in hard to reach areas, so they can go […]

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How Much Does Ant Control Cost?

How Much Does Ant Control Cost? Or How much does Ant Removal Cost? A common question we receive on our website or by phone is “What does an ant control treatment cost?” or “How much is your ant removal treatment?”.  Just like many other services, the short answer […]

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What are these yellow stains or streaks on my house?

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What are these yellow streaks or stains on my house? When spring begins we naturally gravitate outside. Setting out to beautify your home, you may plant flowers, paint the railing, or grab the pressure washer to remove those green streaks. If you wash the house, it’s reasonable […]

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Holiday Guests Could Bring Bed Bugs

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6 Steps For Protecting  Your Home From Bed Bugs this Holiday Season. Guests may unknowingly bring bed bugs to our holiday festivities but protecting your home is as easy as 1,2,3….4,5,6. Chesapeake, VA- As everyone knows, Santa brings gifts to those who have been good all year […]

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What are those black bugs with white stripes?

Have you seen this bug?   This is an early life stage of the smokey brown roach. The smokey brown roach is an outdoor roach that is sometimes called a water bug or palmetto bug. These are very similar to the american cockroach. They prefer moist environments […]

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Could Santa bring bed bugs for Christmas?

  Could Santa bring bed bugs for Christmas? Virginia Beach, VA – As everyone knows, Santa brings gifts to those who have been good all year and leaves coal for those on the naughty list. But is it possible he could leave bed bugs at our homes, […]

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Why do mosquitoes like me more than other people?

Why do mosquitoes like me more than other people? According to it’s not all in your mind but an actual issue that many people face. They say that carbon dioxide output, heat, movement, and skin secretions (gross!) are all things that can attract mosquitoes to you […]

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What are those little red bugs on (or in) my house?

Every spring and fall HomePro Pest Control receives numerous calls about little red bugs that invade by the thousand. The sight of this red moving cloud is enough to make anyone panic. The culprit is the clover mite. Clover mites are not a mere insect but rather […]

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Roof Rat Control in Hampton Roads

Here is a video of roof rats that were found in Virginia Beach recently. Roof rats have become a huge problem throughout the Hampton Roads area. You will notice their unbelievable ability to climb and maneuver. It’s this ability that allows them to enter your home in areas […]

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