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Roof Rats in Hampton Roads.

2010 might be remembered as the year of the roof rat in Hampton Roads. This year there has been a very noticeable increase in roof rat activity. Usually these pests will invade homes that are in close proximity to a natural water source: lakes, rivers, ditches, etc. However over […]

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Spiders, Roaches, and Waterbugs, Oh my!

When summer gives way to fall occasional pests like spiders and roaches become a big problem. Most pests are not naturally equipped to survive cold temperatures and must find shelter from the coming winter. Obviously our homes are perfect for this purpose. If you want to be […]

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Could flea and tick products be killing our pets?

I recently learned that the active ingredients in flea and tick pet treatments (the type that you put on the pet’s neck) are the same as some very powerful termiticides. These termiticides require that all skin is covered to avoid absorbtion through the skin. I don’t understand […]

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Rats in my….car?

That’s right, more and more we are seeing rats not only invading homes but finding their way into our vehicles. It’s really not surprising, our vehicles have an unlimited number of openings from underneath that easily allow access for small animals. Our homes and vehicles offer many things that they […]

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Termite Infestations

Here are some pictures of termite infestations that we’ve found. It’s amazing how quickly they can move in and damage a home. If you would like a free termite inspection in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, or any other Hampton Roads city call 757-499-1078 or click the appropriate link […]

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Fire Ants: The Invasion!

Over the past few years, fire ants have migrated to and become a problem in Hampton Roads. Usually they spread relatively slowly by colony mobilization or mating flights (swarms). But a little know mode of transportation may make 2010 the worse year yet. Shockingly, fire ants have […]

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Found Termites? Don’t Panic.

If you live in Hampton Road’s you are bound to have noticed that spring has started to show its face. The nice weather is a welcome sight after so much snow and cold this winter. Inevitably, when the weather warms termites will start to come out of […]

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10 tips to reduce the possibility of termite problems.

Although we make a business out of removing termites from homes and businesses, we believe that everyone should have information available to them that can limit termite activity around their home before they have to call us. Here are some tips that the LSU AgCenter put together […]

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