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Termite Letter and WDIR

Moisture and Termite  Letters for Hampton Roads

WDI (wood destroying insect) Reports for Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Hampton, Newport News, VA

Why do I need a termite letter?

The wood destroying insect report, more commonly know as the termite letter, is a vital part of a home purchase. The termite and moisture letter gives buyers and lenders a snapshot of potential problems that may otherwise go unnoticed. The WDIR inspector will inspect for evidence of termites, wood destroying bees, wood destroying ants, wood destroying fungi, wood destroying beetles, and active moisture conditions. The inspector will also document damage caused by these issues.

Since WDI inspections take a trained eye, homeowners can have issues that they may have never noticed. So understandably, home sellers often worry about these inspections. HomePro aims to make the inspection process easy for both buyers and sellers in multiple ways:

  • FREE pre-sale inspections for home sellers. This will limit the likelihood of surprises after a contract has been agreed upon. Pre-sale inspections provide the full inspection without the documention for closing.
  • Both buyers and sellers can be present for inspection, so all questions can be answered.
  • We photograph areas of concern.
  • Our staff is able to remedy all issues that may be found. You won’t need multiple contractors to get to closing.

What do termite letters cost?

  • $FREE*- Pre-sale inspection all cities in service area
  • $75.00- Chesapeake, VA WDIR / Termite Letter
  • $75.00- Norfolk, VA WDIR / Termite Letter
  • $75.00- Virginia Beach, VA WDIR / Termite Letter
  • $75.00- Portsmouth, VA WDIR / Termite Letter
  • $75.00- Suffolk, VA WDIR / Termite Letter
  • $95.00- Hampton, VA WDIR / Termite Letter
  • $95.00- Newport News, VA WDIR / Termite Letter
  • $95.00- Williamsburg, VA WDIR / Termite Letter
  • $95.00- Yorktown, VA WDIR / Termite Letter
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