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Crawl Space Moisture

Customized Crawl Space Moisture Control Services

We stop moisture where it starts to insure your home is safe from damage, rot, and poor air quality.

Homes built over dirt crawl spaces present problems for Hampton Roads homeowners. Our humid climate and the soil’s high moisture content, creates a haven for mold, fungus, rot, and structural damage just beneath our feet. Additionally, our shallow water table and tendency to build homes in low lying areas (see: Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake) add an extra dimension to the battle against a wet crawl space. Since a large portion of the air in our home enters via the crawl space it is imperative that excessive moisture is kept under control.

If you are like most people, spending money on your crawl space is not very high on your priority list, maybe just after that voluntary root canal. Protecting your home from damage and poor air quality is likely much higher. HomePro has the experience to solve every crawl space moisture issue, but we understand that you’d prefer to renovate the kitchen versus spending everything on a moist crawl space. This is the reason we customize our solutions for each crawl space, ensuring you only get what you need. We have many examples of (happy, ecstatic, overjoyed) customers that were shocked to hear they needed a $15,000-$20000 crawl space encapsulation (We’ve even seen a $35,000!) but after our crawl space inspection, ended up with a simple vapor barrier and a 50% reduction in crawl space moisture. That’s not to say crawl space encapsulation wouldn’t have worked, just that a more simple (see: less costly) option was appropriate.

I would like to thank you and your company, HomePro for service above and beyond my expectations in taking care of termite and moisture problems for this property in Norfolk.
The seller, an elderly widow in a wheelchair, was delighted with the price for the job, the quality of the work and your company’s attention to every detail.
Thanks for working with the seller and city inspectors to make this a pleasant, worry free transaction. -Jeff Shepard, Chesapeake Bay Realty

The best way to determine what is needed for your home is our free crawl space moisture inspection. We know that you are skeptical of free because that usually means sales pressure or gimmicks. But as you probably know HomePro is different. We don’t spend a bunch of money on advertising; instead we pay our inspectors on salary. This ensures you get a great experience that will be free of pressure, because they aren’t worried about how much they will make on your home. This works to our advantage because they will be able to show you the kind of company we are in person, something we could never do in a coupon mailer or newspaper advertisement.

You can probably see by now that our FREE crawl space moisture inspection is better than free. Not only is it free of cost and free of sales pressure and free of those daily ‘just checking in’ phone calls but it will likely save you actual American dollars. If you are in the market for saving money, then give us a call at 757-484-3471 for your crawl space moisture inspection or online here.

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