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What is the Difference Between Flying Ants and Termites?

  What is the Difference Between Flying

Ants and Termites?

With spring right around the corner it”s important to understand termite swarms or flying termites. This springtime phenomenon is the result of a mature termite colony that wants to expand. The termite colony will send these future kings and queens out by the thousands. Unfortunately these reproductive termites can sometimes end up inside your home.

Identifying Flying Ants and Flying Termites

There are 4 main differences that can be determined by the naked eye or by a small magnifying glass.

1. Ant vs Termites: Wing Length

Both reproductive ants and termites will have 2 sets of wings. Each pair of the termite wings will be the same length.

The top pair of an ant’s wings will be longer than the bottom pair.

2. Termites vs. Ants: Wing Color

Termite wings when compared to ant wings will be significantly more white. Ant wings appear clear.

3. Ant vs Termites: Waist Type

The termite waist will be broader while the ant’s will be pinched and very thin. In this regard, ants could be super models.

4. Termite vs Ants: Body Type

The termites body will appear to be 2 sections: the head and the body. The ants body will appear to be 3 sections: the head, the thorax (middle), and abdomen (bottom).

Comparing the differences between Termites and Ants Visually.

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The visual comparison of ants and termites

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