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Found Termites? Don’t Panic.

If you live in Hampton Road’s you are bound to have noticed that spring has started to show its face. The nice weather is a welcome sight after so much snow and cold this winter. Inevitably, when the weather warms termites will start to come out of the ground and swarm. This is their mating ritual and it’s an indication that there is a large and mature colony close to your home. However, this is not a time to panic.

Many times a homeowner will call the first company they can find in the phone book and get them out the same day. Sometimes these inspections turn into a high pressure sales situation with a salesperson preying on your fears.  You might be told you have to act immediately if you want to save your home. Or that the pricing is good for one day only. How many good decisions are made under such pressure? Not many.  A mature colony (capable of producing swarming termites) takes 2-4 years to form, so waiting a few days to think and get a second opinion is small amount of time overall.  A company that can’t accept this is a company to avoid.  Take your time and be happy with your decision.

If you would like a free termite inspection, call HomePro Pest Control at 757-499-1078. Our pledge is to never pressure or manipulate anyone to get their business.

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