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Fire Ants: The Invasion!

Over the past few years, fire ants have migrated to and become a problem in Hampton Roads. Usually they spread relatively slowly by colony mobilization or mating flights (swarms). But a little know mode of transportation may make 2010 the worse year yet. Shockingly, fire ants have the ability to ride flood waters into new territories. They can interlock their legs and create a raft of sorts that floats the eggs, larva, and queen to the new location. This past year’s nor’easter will likely put these dangerous insects into the way of unsuspecting people.

If you come across a fire ant mound here’s a few things to know:

Don’t touch the mound.  Fire ants protect their colony as violently as hornets and bees. They have stingers that create intense pain and can overwhelm a person (esp. children) quickly.

Remove children and pets from the area. The curiosity of children and pets can get the best of them. These ants are merciless regardless of the victim.

Don’t apply any pest chemicals. Treating these ants with the wrong type of chemical will likely cause the colony to split, doubling your problem. There are special chemicals that can remove fire ants, mostly professional grade.

Call a professional pest management company. A professional will have access to the correct chemicals for your fire ant issue. However, this is a newer pest to our area and you will want to be sure get someone that has extensive fire ant experience.

 If you encounter fire ants in your yard give HomePro Pest Control call at 757-499-1078.  We’ve been removing fire ants since they showed their face in Hampton Roads and have the experience to quickly get the problem under control. We can also offer preventative services to limit the possibility of a fire ant invasion.

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Here is the fire ant "raft".

Fire Ant mound on a lawn.

Here is what a fire ant mound looks like on a lawn.

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