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It’s that time of year when a normally silent and hidden termite colony decides to make itself  known, by sending 1000′s of colony members out and into our homes. This is usually the first indication a homeowner has that there is a termite problem. Unfortunately, it’s a problem that has been developing for possibly 5-10 years.

Flying termites, also known as swarmmers, are the reproductive class of the termite colony. They leave the colony in an attempt to create a new one. These swarmmers, fly out of the ground, find a mate within the same swarm, and then attempt to make it back into the ground at a new location. They will then begin the process of colony creation. These reproductive termites only leave a mature colony, which is a colony that is usually 5 years old or more.

If you see a swarm, collect a few in a sandwich bag. Then call HomePro at 757-499-1078, we will send someone out to determine if the insects are in fact termites and whether or not there are any termites damaging your property.

Also click this link to see pictures of flying termites:  Flying Termite Pictures

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