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Holiday Guests Could Bring Bed Bugs

6 Steps For Protecting  Your Home From Bed Bugs this Holiday Season.

Guests may unknowingly bring bed bugs to our holiday festivities but protecting your home is as easy as 1,2,3….4,5,6.

Chesapeake, VA- As everyone knows, Santa brings gifts to those who have been good all year and leaves coal for those on the naughty list. But is it possible he could leave bed bugs at our homes, no matter the list in which we landed?

“Unfortunately, it is possible,” says Mickey Ferrell of HomePro Pest Control, “Any of our guests could unknowingly bring a bed bug problem along with them on their next visit.”

In fact, many bed bug problems originate in places other than hotels.” Most people are justifiably worried about bed bugs when they travel or stay in hotels; however, it’s often our guests that deliver the first bed bugs into a home.” Mickey states.funny-christmas-santa-2

And our friends may not even know that they are delivering the problem.

“People pick up these hitchhikers in lots of places like movie theaters, hotels, and laundromats. So it’s certainly possible that your mother-in-law, that stayed in a hotel last night and caught a movie before heading over for Christmas Eve dinner, is carrying bed bugs but doesn’t currently have a problem at home” Mickey continues.

During the holidays, we don’t need anything else to worry about like searching grandma’s purse for pests.

Luckily, preventative measures can be taken to keep your home free of bed bugs this year. Mickey suggests:

  • Have guests place coats, purses, and other items in a single location, such as a hall closet. This will contain potential problems to one area.
  • Never place guests items on your bed. This would allow bed bugs to get to the sleeping area, where they will be best equipped to feed and begin the breeding process.
  • Vacuum sofa cushions and other cracks and crevices after your guests leave. Vacuuming can pick up adult bed bugs and their eggs.
  • If guests are staying at your home overnight, consider buying a mattress encasement for the guests bed. This will seal bed bugs out of the mattress and box spring.
  • Regular pest services and inspections can prevent or identify problems early, before they become bigger problems.
  • Consider a preventative bed bug service. These treatments offer a safe, effective way to ensure that if a bed bug is brought into your home, that it will be eliminated before it can lay eggs and infest the home. Because it’s preventative, it requires less pesticide and costs much less than a full remedial treatment.

Mickey doesn’t have any advice on how to make sure you stay on the nice list, but following a few simple strategies you can ensure that Santa won’t deliver any unwanted “presents” this holiday season.

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