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Carpenter Bee Control

Get Carpenter Bee Control Starting at $99.00.

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Spring brings warmer weather, newly blossoming flowers, and big ol’ carpenter bees that buzz your head every time you step outside.

Carpenter bees are completely misnamed since they are only capable of drilling half inch holes into the side of your home. Although the hole seems small, the damage inside can be extensive. Carpenter bees will also attract woodpeckers, which are possibly the worst alarm clock in the world.

But fear not, the ServicePros at HomePro Pest Control have the tools and knowledge to eliminate carpenter bee issues before they can cause major damage.

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Carpenter Bee Treatment

Carpenter bee control isn’t easy. The only truly effective way to eliminate the problem is to treat each individual bee hole. This means bringing out the extension ladder and going into the bee’s territory. Your HomePro ServicePro will use a long lasting insecticide in each carpenter bee hole. The treatment will coat all sides so that bees can’t avoid it. The carpenter bee doesn’t have to be inside for total control. They can return days or even weeks later and our carpenter bee treatment will still be effective.

If there are fertilized eggs in the chamber, the treatment will be waiting for the bees when they emerge.

Carpenter Bee Control Starts at $99.

Unfortunately, we can’t price these jobs by phone or online since every bee infestation is so different. Some homes we’ll have to climb 2 stories for 50 bees while others may not even need a ladder.

To make up for the pricing dilemma, we will send a experienced ServicePro to your home to offer a Free Estimate for Carpenter Bee Control.

The estimate will only take 15-20 minutes and is absolutely free with no strings attached.

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