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Flea Control

Our Unique Process Stops Flea Bites in Minutes!

And Lasts Up to 12 months – Guaranteed.

Results Today AND Months Later

The only thing as annoying as a flea bite is trying to exterminate a flea infestation. Head to the home improvement store and you will find flea control sprays, fogs, dusts, bombs, powders and other ‘ingenious’ ways to cure your flea problem. And every single product WORKS! That’s right, they all work. But before you leave this site, realize that they can’t solve the problem.

These solutions intend to fix the immediate problem, control adult fleas that bite. And they do just that by killing adult fleas. What’s the problem, you are probably thinking? Well, adult fleas represent only 2 to 5% of the total amount of fleas in the house. Leaving 95% of the fleas to attack later.

What are the other 95%? The eggs, larva and pupae; and they do what eggs, larva, and pupae do, make more adult fleas. Since they are mostly immune to these solutions, the cycle begins again. And you are headed back the store for more of Bob’s Flea Control Bomb. Now with Atomic Power!

The HomePro Difference

HomePro has perfected the technique of sending 100% of fleas to the afterlife. Our flea control service stops the biting immediately, but also renders the eggs, larva, and pupae unable to become biting adults. Ending the cycle – Guaranteed!

Is it Safe?

The products used by HomePro for flea extermination:

  • Are among the lowest toxicity levels for pesticides
  • Are less toxic than table salt^
  • Dry quickly
  • Leave no residue
  • Are EPA registered
  • Have very little odor

Guaranteed? Of Course!

Your flea control service is backed by our ‘If the Pest Return, We Return” Guarantee from the treatment date until 12/31/2015 with PestPro Fleas Only Plan. Or you can get all the bugs with the PestPro 365 Premium Plan for year round coverage.

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More Choices for You

PestPro 365 Premium

to start then only

  • Covers 30+ Pests.
  • Convenient Quarterly Barrier Service.
  • If the Pests Return, We Return Guarantee.
  • FREE Annual Termite and Crawl Space Inspection.
  • FREE Spider Web clean up outside each visit.
  • GUARANTEED Next business day service.
  • Small 1 Hour Appointment Windows
— AND —
  • Mouse and Rat Protection.
  • Flea and Tick Protection.

PestPro 365 Primary

to start then only



  • No Commitment–Cancel Anytime
  • Covers 30+ Pests
  • Convenient Quarterly Barrier Service
  • If the Pests Return, We Return Guarantee
  • FREE Annual Termite and Crawl Space Inspection
  • FREE Spider Web clean up outside each visit
  • GUARANTEED next business day service
  • Small 1 Hour Appointment Window
  • Flea Control Included

PestPro Fleas Only

to start then only

  • Just Flea Control
  • If the Pests Return, We Return Guarantee
  • Guaranteed From Start Date until 12/31/16!
  • FREE Termite and Crawl Space Inspection
  • FREE Spider Web clean up on first visit
  • GUARANTEED Next business day service
  • Small 1 Hour Appointment Windows
  • Add the yard for just a little more

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*With One Year Commitment. Homes Up to 3000 sqft. Pricing reflects current best discount, no other coupons or offers can be added.
**No Commitment Required. Your service will continue, month to month, until you cancel.
^Active ingredient of flea treatment has LD50 >5000mg/kg where table salt is listed at >3000 mg/kg orally.