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Rat Control

We Seal Rats Out for a Permanent Solution.

No Poison in Your House. No Bad Odors. No More Rats.

The Most Complete Rat Control Solution.

Rats have become a significant problem in Hampton Roads. There have been noticeable increases in rat infestations in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, & Norfolk, VA. No neighborhood has been immune to the problem.

Rats are an outside dwelling pest that will come indoors for food, water, or better shelter. Rats are well adapted to living around humans and can survive unnoticed for a long time.

It’s not uncommon for a home to have had a rat infestation for many weeks or months before anyone inside notices. Once inside, rats will investigate their surroundings; locating food, water, and potential nesting areas.

Rats that are allowed to infest an area will damage insulation, flooring, pipes, and wires.

I have been with HomePro for about 4 years and have never been disappointed in their service, knowledge, and/or ability to handle my pest issues. Thanks guys! You are the best!!- Andrea in Chesapeake via Facebook.

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How Are Rats Controlled?

Many “professional” pest control companies are perfectly happy to set out a few traps and throw some poison into your attic. However there is a more effective and permanent solution that won’t have dead rat bodies all over your house.

HomePro’s Steps To Rat Control Success:

1. Seal the entry points before any bait (poison) is placed near the home.

2. Place baits outside (never inside) the home in tamper-resistant protective boxes. This will reduce the rat population around the home. Any rats that ingest the poison will not be able to climb inside, die and then stink up your house.

3. But what about ones trapped inside? Good question, we place mechanical traps that capture the rat and hold it in place so that it can’t be lost and stink up the house.

4. Schedule follow up services to come back and check the traps regularly at no additional charge.

5. We can remove and replace soiled insulation and vapor barriers that have been ruined by rat droppings or repair other damage they have caused.


Includes Attic and Crawl Space Inspection!

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