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Spiders, Roaches, and Waterbugs, Oh my!

When summer gives way to fall occasional pests like spiders and roaches become a big problem. Most pests are not naturally equipped to survive cold temperatures and must find shelter from the coming winter. Obviously our homes are perfect for this purpose. If you want to be sure to prevent roach and spider problems it is important to create an environment that is unsuitable to pests.

What can you do?:

● Sealing up gaps and cracks is a great start. You can use caulking around windows and expanding foam on utility openings.

● Move wood piles away from the foundation of your home.

● Rake leaves frequently. Leaves that cover the ground create perfect hiding places for pests.

● Keep gutters clean.

● Keep blinds closed at night and replace outdoor lighting with yellow bulbs. These steps reduce the light emitted from your home at night. Bright lights can be the reason many pests first become attracted to your home.

● Pesticide barriers will knock the pest population down around the home and make the remaining cracks and crevices uninhabitable.

If you would like a professional to help you with these steps please consider HomePro Pest Control. As a full service company, we not only apply pesticides but also offer maintenance services, like those listed above, that are required to prevent pests from entering your home. We can be reached at 757-499-1078 or visit our website at Chesapeake Pest Control.

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