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Roof Rat Control in Hampton Roads

Here is a video of roof rats that were found in Virginia Beach recently. Roof rats have become a huge problem throughout the Hampton Roads area. You will notice their unbelievable ability to climb and maneuver. It’s this ability that allows them to enter your home in areas […]

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Roof Rats in Hampton Roads.

2010 might be remembered as the year of the roof rat in Hampton Roads. This year there has been a very noticeable increase in roof rat activity. Usually these pests will invade homes that are in close proximity to a natural water source: lakes, rivers, ditches, etc. However over […]

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Rats in my….car?

That’s right, more and more we are seeing rats not only invading homes but finding their way into our vehicles. It’s really not surprising, our vehicles have an unlimited number of openings from underneath that easily allow access for small animals. Our homes and vehicles offer many things that they […]

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