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Top 5 Areas That Rats Can Enter Your Home

Top 5 Places That Mice and Rats Enter Your Home.

Mice and rats are notorious for finding unique ways to enter a home. They can exploit openings as small at a pencil to live with us rent free. However not all entry points are the same; some are more common than others. This list, the most common places that mice and rats enter your home, might just save you hours of effort and headaches when rodent proofing your house.

The Garage Door

The garage door is a long time nemesis of the pest control professional. This is an entry point for many pest problems including spiders, snakes, and of course mice and rats.
Make sure that the area at the bottom of the door has high quality weatherstripping that extends to the edge of the door. Even a gap as small as your pinky finger can allow rodents to move right in. Also ensure that the sides have a door seal that extends to the ground.rodent entry in home foundation chesapeake virginia beach norfolk va

Pipes and Wires

When cable technicians and plumbers make a repair, sometimes they forget to pest proof their work. Check the areas around pipes, cables, and other utilities for gaps. These gaps can be filled with concrete (preferred) or a mixture of expanding foam and steel wool.

Foundation Vents  rat chewed foundation vent chesapeake virginia beach norfolk va

Check each foundation vent’s screening. Rats and mice can wiggle through the bars and into your crawl space. If you have plastic vents also look for gnawing or chewing as rats can make their own entry with their powerful teeth. Sometimes replacing the vent is necessary if it is damaged or doesn’t fit the opening well.

Gutter Downspouts

Although downspouts don’t look easy to climb rats will run right up them without any trouble. They can use the confined space to their advantage by pushing their feet to one side and their backs to the other. Although it’s much easier to repair the downspouts at the bottom with hardware cloth, it’s not recommended because leaves are likely to clog the downspout. Instead climb up to the top and place a flat screen in the bottom of the gutter, then any leaf litter can be removed easily.

Overhanging Trees roof rat control company chesapeake virginia beach norfolk va

If you have a tree that is within 3 ft of the roof of your home, it’s time to trim. Roof rats, in particular, are very capable climbers and can make significant leaps. Trim all trees to a minimum distance of 3 foot from the house to keep them out.

The best way to handle a rat or mouse problem is to stop them from entering in the first place. Check these common rodents entries to protect your home from infestation. If you need more information or would like our professional help check out our rodent control page. Our ServicePro’s are experienced in solving the most difficult rodent infestations.  And don’t forget, your initial inspection is completely FREE!

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