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What are those black bugs with white stripes?

Have you seen this bug?

black bug with white stripes or bands

This is a smokey brown roach nymph. One of the earlier stages in its life cycle. Click to enlarge.


This is an early life stage of the smokey brown roach. The smokey brown roach is an outdoor roach that is sometimes called a water bug or palmetto bug. These are very similar to the american cockroach. They prefer moist environments and are more active at night. They can be control with harborage modification, chemical barriers, baiting, and exclusionary techniques.  If you see these ,it is an indication that a roach egg casing has recently been left nearby and hatched. Call HomePro for control of roaches in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk and Hampton Roads VA. 757-499-1078.

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