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What Does a Termite Treatment Cost? Really?

How Much Should A Termite Treatment Really Cost?

By: Mickey Ferrell Jr

Man, what a loaded question! 

termite treatment cost and extermination prices

This is the usually the first or second question we receive when someone calls about our termite control services. And there’s no doubt why; trying to find out a termite treatment’s cost from your local termite company is similar to getting top secret clearance from the United States Government. That is, unless you schedule an appointment with their salesman er.. Inspector. ; )

Their hesitation is understandable, there are many factors involved for cost of a termite treatment, but we want to be different at HomePro Pest Control. We’ve treated 1000’s of homes to protect against termites and have termite treatment pricing down to science. For simplicity purposes, this article will deal strictly with traditional termite barrier treatments. Let’s get started!

The 4 factors for estimating a termite treatment’s cost.

1. Size of the home

The size of the home is measured in linear feet. This is the distance around a home. To get this measurement you measure each outside wall and add them together. The average home in our area of Southeast Virginia is approximately 200 Linear Feet.

2. Type of Construction

How deep is the footer (bottom of the foundation) of your home? If you have a crawl space or slab, it’s a safe bet that it’s about 1’ deep. Some crawl spaces can be deeper. A basement will be 4’+ deep. For every extra foot in depth, the amount of termite chemical needed is doubled!

If your home has extra foundation piers, areas to drill (like patios), or low clearance, it will add to the overall labor and materials required.

In our area (Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk) most footers are about 1′ deep.

 3. Type of Termite Chemical

Similarly to prescription drugs, termiticides have name brand and generic chemicals. You can expect to pay approximately 40-50% more for a name brand chemical. In our experience, termite treatment chemicals preform similarly regardless of name. Most failures are due to poor application so it’s more important to ensure that the person installing the barrier is well trained.

These are the 3 factors that relate directly to your home in regard to a termite treatment’s cost. Meaning no matter which company you choose, these factors do not change. Here’s the last:

4. Overhead, labor costs, efficiency, profit, etc.

There are factors that can change which act to raise the overall cost of the termite treatment. These are company overhead, company efficiency, expected profit, and labor costs. These are the factors that cause the drastic price ranges between competing companies.

If a company can’t control these costs then they will have higher termite treatment costs. Its ill advised to pay more only to compensate expensive executive salaries or high advertising costs. Likewise, if someone pays their employees very little they will be able to charge less. But this could result in a poor termite treatment, which may have gaps or could fail sooner. Finding a balance is important.

The Bottom Line of Termite Treatment Cost.

All that info is well and good but what are we getting at? Well here you go:

Generic Termite Treatments should cost between $3.30-4.40/ linear foot per 1’ foot of foundation depth. So an average home would go for $660-$880.

Name Brand Termite Treatments should cost between $4.75-6.00/ linear foot per 1’ foot of foundation depth. So an average home would go for $950-$1200

Most companies will have a minimum due to fixed costs, so they may say, homes up to 200LF all cost $X.

Any Less and:

  • You risk a poor job
  • Company may be out of business if you have a warranty claim
  • Company may not be licensed
  • Company may not be insured
  • Employees may not be background checked

Any More and:

  • You bought a double full page ad in the newspaper
  • You paid for an executive’s vacation to the Mediterranean
  • You paid for some other inefficiency that doesn’t benefit you
  • You have less money in your pocket

Well there it is, What does a Termite Treatment Cost in a nutshell. I based everything on the current economic conditions in the Norfolk-Chesapeake-Virginia Beach, VA area in 2014. Your area could go for a little more or a little less. You may be able to calculate your areas cost by using an online cost of living calculator. Hopefully, it gives you a starting point for your budgeting purposes. I plan future articles to cover other questions so please check back often.

If you live in the Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Newport News, or Hampton, VA area and would like a FREE Termite Evaluation (no pressure), just give us a call at 757-484-3471 or online here — Get my Free Termite Inspection.

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