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Why do mosquitoes like me more than other people?

Why do mosquitoes like me more than other people?

Mosquito yard treatment and mosquito control in Virginia beach Chesapeake and Norfolk VA

Don’t let mosquitoes get the bite on you! Call HomePro to control mosquitoes in your yard this summer. Serving Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Norfolk, VA.

According to it’s not all in your mind but an actual issue that many people face. They say that carbon dioxide output, heat, movement, and skin secretions (gross!) are all things that can attract mosquitoes to you over other people around you.

You might not be able to control your skin secretions but you can control mosquitoes in your back yard. HomePro’s MosquitoPro service is a yard treatment that controls mosquitoes for about a month per treatment. It’s safe for your family and pets and best of all it keeps you bite free without bug spray. If you would like more information call our office at 757-499-1078 for a free, no hassle estimate.

P.S. One study showed that people that drink beer are preferred to those who don’t. So if you drink beer in your yard, it might be a good time to call.


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