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World’s Coolest Exterminator Challenge: 1 Month Update

World’s Coolest Exterminator Challenge: 1 Month Update

Plus a word from the world’s coolest puppet!

Since it’s inception, the world’s coolest exterminator contest has garnered attention from tens of applicants. While it is a foregone conclusion that Mickey Ferrell, Jr will win the world’s coolest exterminator contest, that fact hasn’t stopped others from trying.

After surging to the lead on Feb 9th, Mickey has dropped to 3rd place in the standings. It appears that he is biding his time, waiting for the chance to strike. Current leader, Steve Jackson, blindly fell into 1st with a simple Facebook posting. Who knew Google even cared about Facebook?  Taking the 2nd place position, is Joseph Molluso, of Northeastern Exterminating. His blog posting, while grammatically correct, shows the world (which in this case is Google) that he just doesn’t know what it takes to be the world’s coolest exterminator.

Needing more information for this update and after binge watching the Karate Kid, we decided that finding a Mr. Miyagi type elder person might help settle the debate. After getting no reply from Steve Jackson, the reporting staff at moved on the world’s coolest rapping puppet, Grandpa Puppet and here was his response:

World’s Coolest Exterminator Video

Grandpa Puppet has a way with words, but only time will tell the winner. 

World’s Coolest Exterminator Challenge Update: 3/25/2014.

There has been little change for the title of world’s coolest exterminator. On March 24, 2014, google shifted the rankings and had Joseph Molluso,  Northeastern Exterminating, in the lead for the day. The decision was reversed back to the bald southerner, Steve Jackson today. His slideshare presentation took the lead for the first time. Otherwise the leader board is roughly the same as earlier in the month.

MJ claims to have a trick up his sleeve to claim the top ranking, but wouldn’t divulge anything other than that. He’ll need a some real help with his poor showing recently. And may have to resign himself to being the real world’s coolest exterminator just not google’s choice.

The contest ends May 6th, 2014.

We’ll update you new standings when major changes occur for the World’s Coolest Exterminator Challenge.

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