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Top 5 Exterminator Roles in TV and Movies – World’s Coolest Exterminator

Top 5 Coolest Exterminator Roles in TV and Movies.

Exterminator’s don’t always get the limelight, but here are five examples where they have shined.

By: World’s Coolest Exterminator

5. Billy Bretherton in Billy The Exterminator

If you go by looks alone Billy may be the world’s coolest exterminator. He has a style that says, ‘I don’t care what you think of me’.  His show Billy the Exterminator, ran on A&E for 6 seasons and was always very entertaining. He showed many of the difficulties that exterminators face daily and brought publicity to the pest control industry. He isn’t always appreciated in our industry due to some unorthodox techniques and his lack of perceived professionalism. But if you ever watched the show you know a few things about him: he loves animals, loves helping people, and takes 3 hours to make his hair stand that way. Overall, I feel he is a good ambassador for pest technicians every where.

4. John Goodman as Delbert McClintock in Arachnophobia

Although not the desired face of the pest control industry, Delbert McClintock is the exterminator of choice in

world's coolest exterminator

Arachnophobia. He makes the list because even though he stereotypes exterminators poorly, he braves a barn full 1000′s of deadly spiders and helps save the town.

3. Bill Murray as Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters

Let’s just get this on record, Bill Murray is cool. So the fact that he is an paranormal exterminator in Ghostbusters only adds to his lore. He plays Dr. Peter Venkman and is part of a 4 person start up (that should speak to many exterminators) running low on money. They land a job at the New York Public Library


but miss their target. Somehow they avoid bad online reviews (1990′s internet left a lot to be desired) and  get a second job at Haunted Sedwick Hotel. Zuul is the demigod they are charged with handling and proves to be difficult. Adding to their frustrations, the EPA shuts them down (the movie writers really did their homework)and releases all the trapped ghosts into New York City. They release the Ghostbusters from jail to fix the mistake. Eventually, they succeed in eliminating  Zuul, the Stay Puft Marshmallow man, and saving Sigourney Weaver. Summary: They faced a typical exterminators day: tough pests, government compliance, cool outfits, and saved the day.

Ghostbusters ended up having a sequel as well as an animated series, the latter watched by a pint sized future World’s Coolest Exterminator.

2. Bill Murray as Carl Spackler in Caddy Shack

Told you Bill Murray was cool. He made the list twice. He stars as the #1 gopher exterminator in Caddy Shack. When a gopher ruins a golf course who are you gonna call? (see what I did there?) Unfortunately for the golf course they call the greens keeper, Carl Spackler. He does a relatively poor job of gopher management throughout but ends up using explosives, something every pest control technician has wanted to try.

1. Eric Allen Kramer as Bob Duncan in Good Luck Charlie

Good luck Charlie was a series on the Disney Channel that ran 4 seasons. Bob Duncan is father, husband, and independent pest control operator. We rarely see him in action but rather get glimpses into his professional life. Some highlights:

1. He’s covered in a white powder after a snafu involving a pest control trainee.

2. Has to miss animportant family event because a client has an emergency involving a raccoon.

3. One of his technicians leaves and forms another company. The former employee advertises himself as formerly with Bob’s Bugs-be-Gone.

4. Bob attends the Bug Convention yearly and always tries to convince a family member to attend in the ‘fun’.

5. Bob loses business because he tries to look cool with a cut off shirt in his commercials.

Bob made the top of this list because he most closely resembles the real exterminator. He’s a normal, blue collar guy who takes his business seriously. He has a family to provide for and sometimes finds it difficult to manage the work/life balance. He gets extra points for somehow convincing his wife to decorate the living room in a insect theme, including bug throw pillows and wall art.

winner world's coolest tv exterminator

An impressive feat, worthy for consideration as the world’s coolest exterminator.


If you have any to add to the list, add them in the comment section. Bye!

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