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Only pest control company I will use. Their field techs are knowledgeable and always know what it takes to keep the bugs or rodents away. I recommend them daily.
- Andrea in Chesapeake via Facebook
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Termite Control

Termites are a fact of life in Hampton Roads. Protecting your home requires experience and attention to detail. Find out how our Free Termite Inspection isn't just a sales pitch. termite control pricingAlso, our not-so-super secret termite pricing is on this page. Read more

Rat Control

Roof rats are the fastest growing pest problem in Hampton Roads. These rats are seeking out our homes for food, water, and shelter. HomePro is the expert for long term control of rats in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, and Hampton Roads. Find out why our solution is so much more than poisons and traps. Read more

Ant Control

ant control chesapeake virginia beach norfolk If you've lived in Hampton Roads long, you know that on any day you can wake up to an ant invasion. Whether ants attack the cereal that fell on the floor or take over in the dishwasher, we have you covered. You can be ant free for up to 12 months -Guaranteed- with HomePro on your side. Check out the options and get started today. Read more